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Web Development Services

Web development is the process of designing and coding a website, web applications, or other computer programs that are accessible on the internet. Website design & development services are a very specific set of skills that includes creating the front-end build, website architecture, and functionality within HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various other bits of code.

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Web Development Services

The core function of a website development service is to help a business to excel in its online presence. As a professional web development company in India, we develop a website keeping in mind that it creates a great web user experience. The three major web services involve Front-end web development, Back-end web development & Full-stack web development. Our major services include ecommerce website development, cms website development services in Indore & many more.

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Using Our Expert Web Development Service

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Our Web Development Process

Our web development process involves information gathering, planning, designing, creating content and assembling it, coding and testing, reviewing, and in the end its maintenance.

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Requirement Analysis

In order to create a website that perfectly suits your needs, we first need to understand what those needs are. That's where requirement analysis comes in.

Through conversation and discussion with the client we will identify every aspect of the desired website design & development services. This includes everything from its outward appearance to the specific functionality it must have.

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Creating Blueprint

One of the most important steps to do in order to create a successful website is to create a website blueprint. A website blueprint is an easy and effective way to plan and organize the website. It's a visual guide that helps us to clarify the goals of the website required by the client. A blueprint also helps us to establish the purpose of the site, and prioritize content and features.

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The website development is performed in two steps that are, Front-end development and Back-end development. It is a comprehensive process that includes everything from information gathering and planning to coding and testing to review and maintenance. The server side of the website is termed the backend and the frontend is that part of the website where the user interacts directly.

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The final step involved in website development is testing & launching. The web application testing process ensures the quality of a web app by testing its functionality. This allows you to find and fix bugs before release.

Then comes the launching of the website, which means that, after your website goes live, people from all over the world will be able to view it.

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